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Alternative investment in Portugal for Individuals


This regime aims to support the investment of individuals in the capital of innovative micro or small companies ("Startups").


Deduction of an amount of 25% of the investment considered eligible that does not exceed € 100,000, up to the limit of 40% of the Income Tax collection, and amounts that exceed this limit can be deducted, under the same conditions, in the two subsequent tax periods .

Exclusion of taxation, total or partial, of capital gains resulting from the sale of shareholdings corresponding to eligible investments held for at least 48 months, in case of reinvestment in the same type of investments.


The scheme is applicable to cash contributions actually paid as a result of subscribing for shareholdings, provided that the investee company is a micro or small company, not incorporated for more than 5 years and that the following conditions are still met:

• Have a maximum of 20 workers;

• Do not hold assets and rights over real estate whose value exceeds € 200,000.00;

• is not listed on a regulated or unregulated stock exchange market;

• Have your tax and contributory situation regularized;

• Be certified by the National Incubator Network.

ELIGIBLE INVESTMENTS Eligible investments are cash investments actually paid due to the subscription of shareholdings that verify the following requirements

Amount exceeding 10,000.00 euros per company;

• The shareholding held by the subscriber, after subscription and for the following three years, does not correspond to more than 30% of the company's capital or voting rights and is maintained for at least 48 months;

• The percentage of capital and voting rights held by companies and other legal persons, either on the date of subscription or in the previous three years, is less than 50%;

• Entries are effectively used, up to the end of the third tax period after the subscription, in expenses with the acquisition of intangible assets and tangible fixed assets (with the exception of land, buildings, passenger or mixed vehicles, furniture and equipment) or in research and development expenses.

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