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Portuguese Parliament approves new amendment to the Nationality Law

On October 2nd, after the Portuguese President in August of this year returned the draft amendment to the Nationality Law to Parliament, the Ninth Amendment to Law No. 37/81 was approved .

The new newsroom chose to equate couples who have children with Portuguese nationality to couples who do not have this condition.

Thus, foreigners who have been married for more than three years to a Portuguese national and prove their effective link with the Portuguese community are entitled to Portuguese citizenship. If the marriage is more than 6 years old, the bond is presumed.

All other advances were maintained. Highlight the simplification of procedures in the requirements for nationality to the grandchildren of Portuguese, that the existence of effective ties to the Portuguese community will be verified by sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language. As for the children of foreigners born in Portuguese territory, nationality will be granted provided that at the time of birth one of the parents has resided in Portugal for at least one year.

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